Explore how to bring body confidence to your classroom.

Join Amazing Me in their Master Class Series, designed to help educators explore how to use Amazing Me resources in their classroom. These videos will provide educators with the skills to encourage kindness and open discourse while discussing topics including body dissatisfaction and bullying with elementary students.

Hosted by Marisol Perez, a clinical psychologist and researcher at Arizona State University and The Institute for Research and Education Advancing Children’s Health (REACH). Dr. Perez has dedicated her career to assisting future generations to be less focused on appearance and more focused on respecting, liking, and appreciating their bodies.

Confronting Comparisons to Build Body Confidence

Every student has unique skills, abilities, and ideas to offer the world. Teach your students the value of their own unique identities by introducing concepts like the healthy ideal vs. the appearance ideal, positive body talk, and the influence of social and celebrity media on body image.

Master Class 1

Building Body Confidence

Dr Perez will discuss tips to help address body confidence issues in the classroom while providing the safe, mindful space necessary for students to flourish and learn social-emotional skills. Utilize the educator guide for additional information and tools to help you succeed.

Bullying & Teasing and Their Effect on Body Confidence

Bullying and teasing can have a profound impact on the way students view themselves and each other. Educators will learn how to teach students the different strategies for confronting bullying and how to stand up for others.

Master Class 2

Eliminating Weight-based Bullying & Teasing

Dr. Perez introduces issues related to weight-based bullying and teasing, including the consequences these events can have on elementary-aged students. Utilize the educator guide for additional information and tools to help you succeed.

Additional Resources

Classroom Resources

Help your students realize their full potential with NEW classroom resources.

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Virtual Field Trip

Help students learn to appreciate their bodies, get smarter about images they see online, and build strategies to fight weight-based bullying and teasing.

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Among children, weight-based bias is primarily expressed through teasing, bullying, and other victimization.

- Journal of Youth and Adolescence

About the Partnership

The Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education have joined forces to bring Amazing Me to 4th and 5th grade students, educators and families nationwide. We know that students who are confident lead healthier, happier lives. Access our resources to help students realize their full potential and achieve success in school and beyond.

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